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Debi (debi glo) performed background music throughout the Celebrate Your Life conference  in Scottsdale, AZ, and accompanied, on the keyboard, meditations led by Sylvia Browne (psychic), Salle Redfield, and Doreen Virtue.   debi glo has performed at seminars with James Van Praagh, Neale Donald Walsch, Don Miguel Ruiz, Doreen Virtue, and more.    

Ask any musician how and where people are listening to their music or how their music is enhancing the lives of others. Many may likely have to think hard before finding an answer. Not so for independent artist, debi glo, whose CDs have been receiving many interesting and positive reviews.

Debi's nearly one hour of (Sol) original piano compositions are melodic and relaxing. A massage therapist friend uses it in her office for a variety of massage and spa treatments, saying the music is perfect because it does not have frequently repeating phrasing which tends to keep the mind anticipating. Rather, the melodies weave and drift through streams of patterns, sometimes simple, sometimes intricate. 

"Thank you for saving my life!  I purchased your CD two years ago when I was diagnosed with cancer.  I am now in remission.    I believe your music  was my healing tool."   This woman also shared that the music is played at support groups and other events.   

At World Angel Day, a woman with tears in her eyes came over to me while I was playing.  She explained that last year she had a stroke and was in a coma.  She further shared that the Angels came and took her to a place where she heard beautiful music she had never heard before. She was amazed at walking in the room today and hearing that same music again for the first time.  (We both were in tears.)  

"Your music heals across the full spectrum of living and dying.  Your music enters with the politeness of a gentle cloud and then carries each person to where they need to be, to explore that which needs exploration.  We, as practitioners, are healed unconsciously due to our frequent exposure to the compositions. Thank you."  

Writers and artists have said they play the music as it enhances their thought and creative processes.

Many have reported playing the CD for dinner music as well as background music just about anytime. Because the music is soft and flowing, it does not compete with conversation or thought processes and is a terrific complement to a nice dinner with good friends and family members.

One couple reported that they were settling in for a listen but had to restart the CD...they needed to dim the lights. Within moments, they restarted it again after acquiring a glass of wine. They said they had enjoyed numerous attempts to listen to the CD in its entirety!

Another bought the CD for two sisters, each of whom enjoyed using the music while meditating.

A mother said her two young children would not go to sleep listening to any other music. If she tried to put something else on, they would say ..."No! I want debi glo!" The reason the mother liked playing the music at bedtime was that the tempo and volume were consistent throughout with no sudden changes that startled the children as did other pieces of music she previously purchased.

Another mother, who received the CD as a gift from her Aunt, said her first grade son had stayed home from school due to an illness. She was playing the CD while the boy rested on the sofa. He later told his mother that he did not know what that music was, but he thought it made him feel better!

Debi is a full-time elementary school teacher. She recently introduced her CD to other classroom teachers who played 
it for their students. Students listened to the music while studying, journaling, and as background music in their room. The teachers stated the music had a calming effect in the classroom and students seemed to be able to concentrate for longer periods of time. For all, it was a great teaching aid.

A writer said they played the music while writing as it enhanced their thought and creative process. Another found surfing the Internet with the music playing in the background kept them relaxed and more productive.

Debi has received e-mails saying her music has been used for yoga and Tai Chi classes. One even said they played it during an aerobic cool-down.

A Bed & Breakfast owner likes to play the CD as background music for their clients during meals and for creating a relaxing atmosphere at their establishment.

Another shares "I am a healer and practice mostly distant healing on an almost daily basis. I have used your record for meditation and used it for the first time to go along with my healing. The music matches the healing vibrations/waves that I send out and I feel that it enhances what I do."
"I am moved to write to you as I ‘come out of' my healing mode which I seem to supplement more and more frequently with your music. My guidance indicates that it was channeled primarily as a healing tool. This means that who ever plays it, for whatever reason, will receive its inherent healing vibrations/waves. They do not have to know it or even want it, but they will be healed in some way. For those who give intent to send or receive healing, the music can be a powerful adjunct."


Another wrote:  "I am a certified hypnotherapist and of all the CDs that I have, yours is the one that I use the most. I have used it to work with children with ADD, people who want to lose weight, with a cancer patient to help her reduce her pain induced by chemotherapy, and even with a friend's dad who was in a coma.  I know that you wrote this music after your dad died, and that the music speaks of his life and yours.  And that is why I am writing.  I just wanted you to know that 'his life' and the beauty of your music are still reaching out to others and creating moments of beauty and peace in their lives."   

But perhaps the responses from those recovering or dealing with serious medical issues have brought Debi the most rewarding satisfaction. As one person stated: "I've played it frequently to 'calm the beast in me.'" Another individual who suffers from epileptic seizures uses it daily to keep anxiety levels in control. She was concerned about having to purchase a second debi glo CD for fear of wearing out the first.  Instead, she wore out her CD player and had to replace it!

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I began taking piano lessons at the today.  My family moved and it was too far to continue studying with my beloved Professor.  Unable to find a satisfactory replacement, I gave up lessons but continued to play for my own enjoyment and continued developing my style.  I did not receive much encouragement in pursuing a musical career, consequently, few people ever heard me play.  Fourteen years ago, after a life-changing event, I relocated to Arizona and into an environment that was very supportive of my music. I was strongly encouraged to play small gatherings and even start recording my material.   My first CD "SOL" (named after my Dad) has been well received and has touched many lives. 

For more than 10 years as a full-time elementary school teacher, many of my colleagues used my CD in the classroom and found it had a calming effect on both the teacher and the students. 
I look forward to the day when I can devote all my time to my music.  One of the greatest joys of my life is knowing I have had a positive effect on many people's lives.



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