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The Story of the Baseball


I was performing at the James Van Praagh event on May 3, 2003, in Scottsdale, AZ, produced by Mishka Productions.  At one point, James led the group in an exercise to learn how to get in touch with our departed loved ones.  He asked the group to pair up with someone they did not know before the event (pairing with someone you knew would not work as well).  Since I was there as a performer, not a paid attendee, I did not feel comfortable participating with the audience in the exercise, but I really wanted to.  I turned to my Manager, Bonnie Mitchell, and asked her if she wanted to try it.  Since we knew each other well, we knew nothing would happen but what the heck.


I guess I failed Mediumship 101 as I did not see or experience anything that I was aware of at that time.  Bonnie, on the other hand, had an incredible experience so I will let her tell you her story.


Bonnie's Baseball Story


In the beginning, I heard Debi saying she was scared to pursue the music.  It was like baring her soul, was very personal, and made her feel very vulnerable.  I kept telling her it was okay, she just needed to trust and get out of the way and the music would come through.  Then I was suspicious that this conversation was coming from my own head and not from the other side!  I tried to concentrate on what James was saying and followed his direction.


Then I saw a grey wedge shape over Debi's left shoulder.  I thought, "What the heck is that?  I am looking for a person and you give me this wedge!"  But, whatever I was thinking, the image would not go away.  And as I continued to ponder about this image, I saw a hand appear on Debi's shoulder.  My first thought was, "I wonder if it's Debi's Dad, Sol," who had passed ten years earlier but has played a very important role in Debi's life and music career.  I then heard James say that if we saw something or sensed that someone was there, it was okay to ask for a sign.  In that instant, the hand on Debi's shoulder flipped over and was holding a baseball.  Debi's dad had been pursuing a baseball career that was interrupted by World War II.  The message that came with the appearance of this ball was, "When you are doubtful or have any fears about performing your music, think of the Baseball and know that I am here helping you to hear the melodies and support you in your music.  You can do it.  You are not alone.  You are getting lots of help from this side."  As this message was coming through for Debi, James ended the exercise and requested the participants share with each other what they had experienced.


I relayed the experience to Debi, and we both shed dozens of tears.  We thought it had been a very positive and helpful experience, and Debi knew that she could think of a baseball anytime she needed a boost of confidence. 

Nice experience, end of story, or so we thought.


The next day (Monday), Debi called me from school and said, "You are not going to believe what just happened.  On Friday a student came up to me and handed me a baseball and said he found it on the school playground.  I took the ball and put it on my desk and did not think another thing about it."  (She also did not tell me about it.)  What is amazing is, they do not play baseball at school.  Softball, but no baseball.  And in her six years at this school, to her knowledge, there had never been a baseball found on the field (pictured at the top of this page).


Well, we were both pretty astounded and thought maybe Dad had thrown the baseball there for Debi to acquire.  Pretty neat stuff!  End of story?  Not quite.


On Tuesday morning, Debi called again, this time in absolute amazement.  As she walked on the school grounds, another student ran up to her and said he found a baseball on the school field!!!!!  Now she is about to freak out!!!!!!  I suppose you can guess Debi's frame of mind when she went to school on Wednesday!!  "If there's another baseball today, I'm going to quit teaching and pursue my music fulltime."


Fully anticipating the arrival of yet another baseball, she was a bit disillusioned as there was no baseball on Wednesday, but she is preparing for the day when the third baseball is placed in her hand.




The Story of Sol   (c) 2001 debi glo 


There is no written music to the CD Sol.  In May 2001, early in the morning, on several occasions, I pushed the "record" button on my keyboard and I composed this music.  It was quiet in the house and this music began to flow from my fingers, from my heart.  I'm not sure that I know from where this music came, but I do know that it is very special and it is having a wonderful impact on many people.


On the morning of May 23rd, 2001, the specific song Sol emerged.  My dad is Sol.  May 23rd was the anniversary of his passing.  The first CD online was sold on Dec. 19th (my dad's birthday).  Coming from a person who once believed that if something wasn't concrete, it wasnt real, this music is having a positive impact on me.  Some say it's a spiritual growth.  Maybe so.  All I know is that for the first time in my life, this music is changing me in a way I have never experienced.  I never really believed that saying about "If it's meant to be, it will be," and "There's a reason for everything."  This music, I now know, is here for a reason.  I can see that when people share with me how this music has affected them.  I see how this music has affected me.  Since I have recorded and produced this CD, I have changed.  For the first time in my life, I find myself saying, "If it's meant to be, it will be" (and I'm believing that as far as the music is concerned.)  This music was written for a reason and, when you listen to it, you will figure out what that reason is.


One of my dreams was to make a difference in this world and to make a difference in others' lives.  Here is my gift to you.  Thank you.


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